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Vin’s Dance Co was founded in 2015 by Vineeth Naidu. We are a Dance Company in Bangalore City, having our dance centre in Koramangala. We offer among the best classes in India for Kizomba, Bachata and Salsa given the many years of top national and international training and teaching experience by our head instructors.

Our teachers are life-long learners who continually participate in dance education programmes to keep themselves updated with the latest dance moves in the different Afro Latin styles. We pride ourselves in our ability to make our students comfortable in our welcoming and friendly social dance atmosphere.

With us, one will experience the joy of Dance. We teach the fundamentals, from the beginner basic steps up to the challenging turn patterns and body movements. Most importantly we encourage everyone to develop their own style. Many of our students leave with new realizations about their self-control, intuition, creativity and partner appreciation.

  • To provide high quality dance instruction for students of all ages, in an inspirational environment through the dedication of our qualified staff.
  • To provide dance education that imparts self-discipline, dedication, creativity, physical confidence and appreciation of culture through the sheer joy of movement.
  • To strive for excellence in everything we do which includes maintaining the satisfaction of our students.
  • To make our students feel confident on the dance floor, because with confidence we realise that passion for dance grows.
  • To nurture students from recreational to pre-professional levels of dance, by developing skills through expert programming.
  • To continue being ambassadors for Dance forms which we love
  • We believe progress can only be made with mutual respect between our faculty and our students and their parents and families.

Group Dance Classes – Group classes are great for students learning the basics and for experienced dancers looking for exciting new patterns. We offer group lessons at all levels. No partner is necessary. Our classes concentrate on musicality, shines (open fancy footwork away from your partner), leading and following, step patterns, partnering skills, and just learning to have fun while social dancing. You do not need a partner. Students rotate partners, better enabling them to adapt to dancing with people with different levels of experience and to develop their leading/following skills.

Group Lessons Off Site / Workshop – A professional dance couple or one instructor will come to your event/venue to teach and assist your colleagues, friends and family to get them all dancing!

Private Dance Classes – Private lessons are a valuable resource to all dancers. They allow you to learn at your own pace. We provide One-on-one instruction that can help you work on a wide range of technical concepts, such as, connection, lead & follow, styling, balance, and spins, that are difficult to perfect in a group format.


  • We are currently involved in promoting Kizomba and Bachata; our founder and DJ, Vineeth Naidu does his best to play nonstop music mixed to the beat for dance parties at Socials and Dance Festivals. We always do our best to provide the music to keep your parties alive. We are dedicated to keeping up with the latest music and constantly bringing new GUYS SOMETHING IS MISSING HERE? (SHAKTI)



Vin’s Dance Co was founded in 2015 by Vineeth Naidu. We are a Dance Company in Bangalore City, having our dance centre in Koramangala

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