Tina was born and raised in Mangalore. Music and dance were a part of her everyday life like many families from the coastal regions. But it was only later that she sorted after formal dance training in Latin Dance forms. Her short stint in Bangalore in 2004 briefly introduced her to Vineeth and his teaching.  She enrolled for his classes, but this was very short lived as it was then Vineeth decided to travel the world and learn Latin dance forms from world renowned masters.  This for her was a great financial loss as she had only two dance lessons with him.

Later Tina settled down in Bangalore for good. She scouted for many dance schools to pursue her passion for Salsa, but unfortunately nothing matched her experience as compared to her  two classes with Vineeth.

After Vineeth returned to Bangalore, Tina started taking classes from him at Vin’s Dance Company as well as attending classes with other International instructors such as Nelson Campos for Kizomba and taking private lessons with Bersy Cortez and Gupson Pierre for Salsa and Bachata. She partners with Vineeth and assists him at his dance school as well as offsite workshops. Through this she has gained further experience in Bachata, Salsa and Kizomba. This foundational training allows her to excel in her dance disciplines. She continues to train as she believes this is what keeps her on top of her craft and enables her to give her best to her students who she assists during lessons.

Her warm energy and calming presence are what students at Vin’s Dance Company look for. She is the smiling and welcoming face of the company and is happy to help with information, finding the right course for students, and assists with enrolments. She is an invaluable team member keeping things running smoothly and organized for everyone.

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